With over 14 years industry experience Healthy Buildings Australia offers a range of services to suit your individual needs, lifestyle and budget.

From subcontracting specialist trades, sourcing of appropriate materials to the selection of interior/exterior colour and sustainable interior design. 

One off consultation’s for small projects, assistance with ongoing owner builder projects working directly with you “the client” or onsite alongside your tradespeople to ensure they adhere to Building Biology principles.

Relaxed, functional, natural, healthy, 
allergy & chemical free, recycled materials, energy/water efficiency, solar orientation, sustainable design, eclectic, beautiful….

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Healthy Buildings Australia



'A Building Biology Inspired Home'

As featured in "The Age" newspaper, Healthy Buildings Australia completed Australia's first home using the principles of Building Biology from the ground up in 2007. Situated on the Mornington Peninsula the home was built primarily an an experiment with an aim to educate the public about Building Biology, it's importance to all modern buildings and how easily it can be translated into any renovation or building project - residential or commercial. 
To read about our inspiring project please see our links page.

More recently our business has also featured in Build Home magazine.

  A little about Building Biology:

Building Biology is described as "a field of building science. 
The study of the built environment and its affects on our health."

In Australia we look at how well buildings perform and so are familiar with green, energy efficient buildings but Building Biology promotes 25 principles of Ecological Building and Design which incorporates healthy building materials, sustainable living, good building design and practices plus much much more into one neat box. 
These principals can be used in any project as well as in our everyday lives. Building Biology moves to educate us to look at the whole picture, discovering the benefits for our health and well being as well our environment.

“Home is a place of refuge and comfort.  Most of us live in houses full of plastic, treated timber, toxic paint and electrical equipment, causing indoor pollution up to 20 times more toxic than that outdoors.  This is the root of many health problems suffered today, from allergies through to sick building syndrome and even cancer.”  The Healthy House by Sydney and Joan Baggs

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